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(Stonehenge and S.E.C.S. --  The Search for External Civilization Signals)
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                  Stonehenge 2020 -- The Way Forward)


   The complete manuscript document of 'Stonehenge 2020 - The Way Forward' can be                                                        found on this site on web-page 2   

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Welcome to this web-site, established to move the Stonehenge debate forward into the 21st century.  Here are described the results of some years of research and exploration into the Numbers and Astronomy that is to be found in the design of Stonehenge.

This web-site and its partner sites (see below) are continually evolving.  Additional material is regularly added.  The most recent addition to either site was:- 


                         October 2023

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The Possibility of Impossibility.        On The Origin of Human Intelligence.   

                                                                                                                                                (8th March 2022)

This first section contains the full text, c. 25 pages, of the document that was recently forwarded (3rd March 2022) to the 'Breakthrough Organisation' in America>  'Breakthrough Organisation'  is a multi-million dollar organisation employing very highly advanced technology and professional astronomers and mathematicians in an organised search beyond our planet for signs of External or Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence  - ETI.  Their main tool for this search is Radio Astronomy and they hope to find evidence of intelligently sourced radio activity emanating from some distant celestial origin. 


This would be presumed to be the evidence they seek for ETI from another, external, intelligent civilization elsewhere in the cosmos.  It would be the evidence that the Human Race is 'not alone'.  It would answer one of the greatest questions that has ever faced mankind. 


I believe that this accompanying paper that I have just submitted to Breakthrough on 3rd March 2022, DOES provide the first ever identified and described proof of this proposition that 'we are not alone'.  And it provides the necessary information for a route into a process, through Radio Astronomy, to locate a source of External Intelligence - where they live!  


And of course it comes out of the study of the numbers that can be found within the form of the construction of Stonehenge. 


There will a great quantity of cynicism and instant dismissal by many.  But let the cynics try to argue away these numbers within this document.


To access the full text operate the red PDF button below.    




(WARNING!  There are many numbers to the Stonehenge story.  It is a big story.  Don't expect understanding with little effort.  It took very hard work to create the monument!  The story has already been running for more than 5,000 years.  It has not yet finished!)

The Possibility of Impossibility.  or  'On The Origin Of Human Intelligence').

The likelihood that certain events, that should never have happened, already have.  

This document contains an account of numbers that should never have happened but already have.  

                                            The Possibility of Impossibility


                                      On The Origin of Human Intelligence



How summer and winter solstices were combined to produce the initial plan.  What the solstice link at Stonehenge is REALLY about.  

The exploitation of the different horizon positions of the two solstices at Stonehenge was very fundamental to the whole design and function of the monument.  The main Stonehenge axis is exactly aligned for summer solstice sun RISE in one direction (Heelstone), and for winter solstice sun SET in the opposite direction (through the Great Trilithon archway slit).  OBVIOUSLY THIS WAS NOT ACCIDENTAL.  It exploits the unique astronomical fact that, in each hemisphere of the Earth this diametrical opposition only occurs at one very specific latitude on the Earth's surface.  In the Northern hemisphere it is that latitude at which Stonehenge is built.  

Astronomically the VERY SIMPLE POINT is that any cosmic sky we may see from a fixed site is exactly identical throughout the year EXCEPT FOR THE TIME OF RISING which alters steadily, day by day, through an annual cycle.  The sky that rises with the sun at mid-summer DAWN will rise at the same place and be EXACTLY THE SAME at mid-winter BUT TWELVE HOURS LATER, i.e. at DAEKNESS.  

If we could mark an important STELLAR (star) rising (not SOLAR - sun, or LUNAR - moon), for instance, at NORTH-EAST with sun RISE at DAWN at mid-summer (4 A.M.), we could mark that very same STAR rising, at the same horizon point, at DARKNESS, at mid-winter with sun SET (4 P.M.) but the sun would be at SOUTH-WEST.  The sun, because it is part of our own local and close SOLAR SYSTEM would be at a different point at mid-winter.  BUT THE STELLAR OBJECT WILL ALWAYS RISE AT THE SAME NORTH_EAST POINT because it is part of the far more distant COSMIC sky.

Only provided that we can build our monumental marker at the correct latitude, then we can achieve this property of having everything diametrically opposite as it does along the Main Stonehenge Axis.  THIS IS ONE OF THE VERY FUNDAMENTAL REASONS for the choice of site, the layout, and the construction of Stonehenge as was.  To argue otherwise is to ascribe all of this astronomically rich design totally to coincidence - pure luck!  


If all of this sounds complicated you need to think about this layout for about three minutes and it can actually be seen to be very simple in practise.  Awesomely simple, precise, accurate, economical and monumental.  And astronomy and structure fit exactly. 


It will be said that this concept was too advanced for 'primitive' minds.  How do we know what their brains could achieve - just look at their building skills?  And we can be confident that they were observing the cosmic sky for centuries - even millennia - before Sarsen Stonehenge. 


It may be objected that stellar objects are not visible close to the horizon due to our atmosphere.  This is correct.  O.K. lets build an artificial horizon so that we CAN see a stellar object when it IS visible.  (We can call our artificial horizon 'LINTELS'.) 


(For interest: - the arc of horizon encompassed (from Great Trilithon arch) between Main Axis and the open ended 'Entrance' to Bluestone and Trilithon Horseshoes comfortably accommodates the poorly visible section of a cosmic object's rising trajectory from horizon to more visible altitude above the lintels.  Such a cosmic object would appear above the lintels just before it rose past the north-east ends of the Horseshoes.  The Horseshoes 'embrace' that small sector of the sky that would have contained a stellar object that had risen beyond the Heelstone and fitted within the scenario that I have described above.  Better still - the two Horseshoes actually 'embrace' a tiny group of stellar objects until they rise above the lintels, i.e. my 'Regulus Group' to which I refer in many places elsewhere within my work, and which appear to be the primary object of the whole Stonehenge project.  We have finished up with a 3-dimensional portrayal of just this one significant stellar event c. 2340B.C.)    


Stonehenge, its size, complexity, and sheer physicality, is enormous.  It follows that the motivation for the builders was equally monumental.  To understand what they were seeing and why, then you must look with their eyes, beyond  our solar system and out to the Cosmos.  It is very easy.  Neolithic eyes!  Neolithic vision!           





summer-winter solstice cropped (3-1-22)_edited.jpg


(Part A)       Table of CONTENTS for this Web-site.  


Web-page 1: - 'Home' (A)   - Table of CONTENTS for this site.

                                      (B)  = General introduction to the site.  

                                      (C)  = Outline of Main Themes.  

                                      (D)   - Copy of the full main manuscript 'Introduction' to give additional 

                                                 background for the Stonehenge story here described.


Web-page 2: - 'Stonehenge 2020' - Full manuscript (c. 273 pages) in the PDF button.

                                                           - Copy of the manuscript CONTENTS.

                                       (B)               - Updated and revised data set and star maps bringing up to date                                                     necessary information for identification and location of 'Little Stars'                                                         Group, within the Regulus Group, that are the apparent focus of the art                                                   work and 'natural' features of the Heelstone.  All described in great                                                           detail in the main manuscript.  Update now correct to epoch A.D. 2000.                                                   (Info updated August 2021.) 


Web-page 3: - 'Stars' (A)   - Introducing Regulus and the Regulus Group into the story.  (Extracted from                                                        manuscript.)   

                                (B)  - 'Little stars' Group within the Regulus Group. (Manuscript extract)

                                    (C)   - 'Joining the Binary Dots'  All four Stonehenge stone formations are             

                                                connected into a common and unified picture by simple and obvious                                                        interpretation of the Binary Expressions contained within their                                                                    unique design.  Many of the design features of Stonehenge and the                                                              'artwork' on the face of the Heelstone also tie in and become part of this                                                    same picture.  This is probably one of the most important sections within                                                  this complete work on Stonehenge.   

Web-page 4: - 'Data 1' (A)  -  The Meridian at Stonehenge.  Comparatively easy to demonstrate how                                                       it was built into the design at an early stage.

                                         (B)  -  A principle theme.  Some primary astronomical and Binary number                                                          elements brought on to the Heelstone.  Heelstone 'artwork' and                                                                    astronomy linked.  

                                         (C)  - A close look at the artwork on the face of the Heelstone.  

                                         (D)  - Measuring and scaling some monument and Heelstone dimensions. 


Web-page 5; - 'Data 2' (A)  - Tying up Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid at Giza.  How they share                                                        common dates, design and purpose. 


Web-page 6: -  'Mythic'  - (A) -  Blade / Dagger / Knife / Sword in the stone.

                                                (B) -  Winter Solstice and the Twelve Days of Christmas.

                                                          (Stonehenge and the winter solstice 'Live Light-Show')

                                                (C) -  Grail.  Includes source material


Web-page 7:  -  Contact



(Part (B))                                             

   Stonehenge, as built, was a complex of stone design elements, all employing numbers and alignments of stones more than any other quality.  As created it provided a wealth of possible number and astronomical permutations.  There have been attempts over the years to make sense of these, to recreate possible significance, possible intended purpose for the monument.  Generally these attempts have been heavily criticised and 'dumbed-down' by the professional scientific establishment.  There may well be good reason for this. It is probably because much of the number and astronomical work previously researched concerning Stonehenge has seemed to be out of place, anomalous, impossible to ascribe to Late Neolithic culture in N.W. Europe.


On the face of it this may be a fair attitude for establishment science to adopt - even in the 21st century when the boundaries of so much other science in other fields are being pushed forward by developing technology, ambition, and brave new ideas.  


However there is a major problem here in so far as it is easily possible to demonstrate and prove the existence of 'strange', esoteric, anomalous, 'out-of-place' number and astronomy in a multitude of forms within the design of Stonehenge.  Astronomy and computation that 'should not be there', just cannot be possible', 'its complete bunkum!'     


The anomalous 'fact' is there.  It is easily and positively demonstrated.  It will not go away just because established science is unable to accept its presence, deal with it, cope with it.  It exists in masses, in many aspects of the design and choice of location of Stonehenge.  It is there!  It is everywhere!


It is not acceptable to attempt to ignore, deny, wish it elsewhere, and then cry that we cannot explain the purpose of Stonehenge.  That will not do!  


This website describes, demonstrates, brings into the public domain very much of the numbers and astronomy of Stonehenge that has not before been described anywhere.  From that it attempts to postulate a reason for all of this - motivation for the concept, design, creation of Stonehenge, probably at a level of 'sci-fi' that is certainly unacceptable to established science.  I'm afraid that is too bad!  The fact is there!  It will not go away and will continue to surface into the future.  (I have to say that I probably had no idea whatsoever, when I first set foot on this pathway, half a century ago, exactly where it would lead.  But then who could have said, half a century ago, where science and technology would be in 2020?) 


Here on this web-site I have attempted to describe it.  It is fact - easily proven, easily understood by a reasonable level of intelligence.  Now the purpose and point of Stonehenge can begin to be described based on correct fact rather than the vague and woolly fall-back of 'ritual purposes' beloved of established science.  Is there anybody else with courage enough to put their head above the parapet as I have now done here?  Anybody else with courage to 'bite the bullet'?  Perhaps younger minds coming on?  


This whole discussion, here, concerning Stonehenge is based upon the simple fact that the most obvious focus of the monument is towards the rising sun on mid-summer morning.  This simple fact connects Stonehenge with the Cosmos beyond our planet, Earth. 


All that I have done is to look at that very specific part of the Cosmos but to look more deeply into it than our sun.  I have looked beyond the sun and our own local solar system to see if there could be something in deeper space that the Ancients were looking for.  That is all!  


                                            I show, here, that the answer is in the NUMBERS 

                                                                 Consider the NUMBERS 

                                          Its NUMBERS that count, not sentiment or opinion    


 'Stonehenge 2020 - The Way Forward'  








(Part C))


Within the complete document of 'Stonehenge 2020' on web-site page 2 you will find:-

1). New ideas about the design, motivation, layout plan, dimensions, etc., both horizontal and vertical.  Many of these ideas are new and have not previously been described.

2).  Description of the Basic Astronomy needed to understand the plan and geometry of Stonehenge.  Also to understand the NUMBERS sections and how all of these aspects fit together to give a single unified picture.

3).  Detailed description of the 'Artwork' on the Heelstone and the subtlety of the Heelstone position, all needed to understand how it has been made possible to 'transmit' knowledge and meaning across nearly 5000 years from the early years to our present era.

4).  Description of how Stonehenge fits within the local landscape to further enlarge the same themes and picture that is now emerging from the items above.

5).  New ideas, with illustrations and plans, for many aspects of the monument not previously described. 

6).  New ideas about how the light of the sun was brought into Stonehenge to create an active 'light-show' at the correct season. 

7).  'New' features to be seen within and about the monument.  'New' in so far as, although easily seen at most times, they seem never to have been noticed and described until now.

8).  A seemingly inevitable 'path' or 'thread' of logic and thought that is followed through plans, design, numbers, 'artwork', dating and timing, that leads into modern scientific knowledge of high tech. astronomy.  This ultimately leads the 'thread' from our planet and civilization, out into the Cosmos, and to a very specific point for which, even now, modern astronomy is searching.

9).  A solution for the meaning and purpose of the Great Pyramid of Giza. 

10).  A solution for the meaning and purpose of the Nebra Disc.  


11).  For the mystically minded a suggested solution to our own 'Grail' legend.  Also a proposed solution for the legend of a mysterious 'sword / dagger' within a stone'!  

It is intended that the text of 'Stonehenge 2020 - The Way Forward' on web-page 2 is printable, able to be copied, and open for discussion. It is permitted to copy, print, or reproduce, individually, or in small numbers for private use.  Reproduction for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.   

On web-pages 3, 4 5 and 6 you can find individual data aspects extracted from 'Stonehenge 2020' to give quick summaries of many of the main (and here newly described) number and astronomical themes to be found and described in much greater detail in the main document.  These web-page 'Data theme' summaries are currently a developing resource, steadily being added to as this site is developed.  








(Part D))


Here, to add more background to the development of this story, is shown a transcript of the INTRODUCTION to the complete manuscript document of 'Stonehenge 2020 - The Way Forward'.  The complete manuscript can be found on web-site page 2 ('Stonehenge 2020').    

INTRODUCTION - The Story Of The Development Of An Idea      

The complete 'Stonehenge 2020' marks an end of the creation of a manuscript and a story that, for me personally, has been continuously evolving for most of my lifetime.  This manuscript and the story contained within it began for me in the late 1960's / early 1970's and has been 'on and off' since, up to this point.  Much of the early years until the new millennium has been spent in 'digging' and 'learning' of background, method, exploration of locations, application of new technology, exploration of early ideas and discarding of early results as the detail became more refined and more based upon fact.  Also there has been available, in more recent years, much more focussed and accurate background - thanks to the archaeologists.  

Therefore this text is an 'evolution' over maybe the last twenty years since the beginning of this new millennium.  It has been written in several chunks - phases - as information and new conclusion has fallen into place.  It may, therefore, at times appear to be repetitive.  Or it may appear that later conclusion over-rides earlier to a degree.  This is probably the inevitable result of producing a chunk of original work and then setting all to one side for a year or two before picking up again with the next section.  I could attempt to re-write the whole manuscript from beginning to end, cut out much earlier work, and make the whole 'slicker' or smoother.  But I feel that the development of it as of now, is part of the present day story of Stonehenge.  

After all the original creation through to the final product was the work of many, many centuries, and many lifetimes for many people.  And the whole is a very long story in terms of the growth and development of the human race.  But yet I feel that Stonehenge in particular is a story that will not continue to develop forever.  The Stonehenge story will come to an end when it is fully understood.  

The beginning of the story - the idea - was long ago - ancient.  Including the planning and acquisition of essential knowledge of astronomy to create and build Stonehenge, followed by its long existence as a slumbering and slowly crumbling monument, has certainly covered more than five millennia from before 3,000B.C.  If the conclusion of its mystery is to be marked by a time when full understanding happens, then it looks as though that time is now dawning at last.  Understanding of the purpose and the point of Stonehenge - 'decoding', 'decipherment' - whatever.  

'Understanding' is now happening, is written, and is soon to enter into the general corpus of human knowledge.  This must surely be significant!  It is a fact that understanding of so much that has lain unseen within the monument for so long is now emerging from obscurity and will enter the domain of humanity - consciousness.  Very soon anybody and everybody will be able to know!  

It is a fact that knowledge of our origins and of advanced intelligence that has pushed and cajoled the human race into its present position, coupled with the knowledge of the source of this intelligence and where it may soon be contacted, is a very, very powerful concept.  The effect on the human race, going forward, cannot fail to be very, very dramatic, and only for the good of all.  Perhaps, in the very near future, the human race will finally be able to relax, collectively, with great relief, as the doubts and uncertainties, worries, fears, conflicts, insecurities and hatreds of millennia past are lifted and consigned to history.  There is potential here for the whole of humanity to 'turn on a sixpence' from its normal, present day chaos, finally, towards an ordered, civilized and humane future. 


Big thoughts, big things - its a big subject! 



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